Form 7

imageThis is an extremely popular forms plugin for WordPress, so I thought I would give it a try.  The thing is, my initial impression was so bad that I really didn’t delve into it very deep.  I was looking for a plugin that could be used by casual WordPress administrators; unfortunately Form 7 was just not it.  First, compared to other form software out there, Form 7’s interface was very clunky.  It is not graphical, and I really didn’t find it intuitive.  The image shows you what the default form is that comes up along with a partial add of a text field.  Notice that there is very little graphical on this interface.  To add a field you have to generate the tag, then copy and paste that tag into the Form window.  To rearrange you have to edit the html.  And I didn’t find any obvious way to edit a tag in the dialog once it was generated; only thing I could figure out was to edit the html.

Bottom line… I’m bypassing Form 7.

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