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cForms II is a nice blend of drag and drop design with parametric design.  You can assign a very good range of values to various field and form design parameters including the ability to assign variable information such as user name, form name, and email to any field’s default value.  There is a good selection of validation checks and layout parameters.  cForms II also has a limited drag and drop capability for designing the form, which from what I can tell, is limited to changing the order of the fields presented on the form.

Another nice thing about cForms II is that you can define a whole host of options around how the email messages are sent out for notification.  For example, you could define a information request form to be sent to an autoresponder email account, while a tech support request to be sent to and autoresponder account and an account representative.  Nice.

And the features don’t stop there.  There is the ability to have a form replace the standard wordpress comments dialog, which enables the comments dialog to be selectable by the reader to either submit a comment to the post or elect to have the comment emailed to the post author.  You can also have multi-part forms, Tell-A-Friend support, and Captcha support.

All said and done, it isn’t the most advanced drag and drop form plugin out there, but it is a great combination of form and function and is my top pick.

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