I was having problems with Windows Live Writer being able to update the theme.  I tried almost everything I could think of: changing to/from static pages, performing a quick post then immediate update, deleting the account and setting it up again, etc.   Nothing I tried seemed to work.
As I ware browsing the internet for solutions one of the articles from Microsoft caught my attention.  In it was this little verbiage (full link to this problem is via the title link below):

The theme used for editing your blog posts could not be downloaded

When you click Refresh theme on the View menu, Windows Live Writer may prompt you to publish a temporary post to your blog. Writer then uses that post to download the blog's theme. If Writer can't find the temporary post, you receive an error message. This error can be caused by any of the following:
Your blog site needs to regenerate static files
Some blog servers, such as Blogger and MovableType, need to regenerate a set of static files to reflect a new blog post. If too much time elapses between the time that Writer publishes the temporary post and the time the site regenerates, or if the blog server fails to start regenerating the site, Writer can't detect the blog's style. (my highlighting)
What flashed a bulb for me was the statement that if too much time passes between the time that Writer publishes the temp post and the time it becomes visible is too long, the process will fail.  Although this suggestion specifically addresses Blogger and MovableType and I use WordPress, I did think this might be a possibility for my blog. I have a WordPress cache add-in running on the site; what if the amount of time that the cache program takes to compile the post and present it for display is longer than the timeout period set in Live Writer for reading the test post?
Thus, a quick experiment… I went into my WordPress admin panel, turned the cache add-in off temporarily, and performed a theme update --- Bingo!  Seemed to work just fine.

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