It's a very familiar situation - you have a web site and you know what you would like done. Or maybe your computer is having a problem.  Or might it be that you want to set up a mailing list to all of your customers.   It seems like a  simple thing that you want but you can't find anyone that is willing to do "the simple thing."  Or maybe you have someone that is a great site designer, but doesn't know anything about defining an autoresponder.  Frustration sets in.

The story really isn't that much different from a healthcare analogy.  There are healthcare specialists that know a tremendous amount about their specialty (they could certainly set your head buzzing with terminology), but these specialist are quite lost when they get out of their realm.  That's where the "General Practitioner" comes in.  This is someone who knows a reasonalble amount of information and dependencies about many different areas of care.  This person can be counted on to treat many of your health issues, or if needed, be able to bring in an in-depth specialist.

It's the same thing with web sites and computer systems.  Your web site represents your business and has many different aspects: marketing, sales, support, responders, content provision, interaction with other services, etc. Your computers are vital to the everyday life-blood of your business.  What you need is a General Practitioner to understand and care for your technology issues with a holistic approach.  Someone who can take care of the little things, but who is also versed in the detail of the site.  Someone who can understand the interaction betwen various aspects of your business, your site, and any specialist that may be required.

At that's just what I do:  I'm a General Practitioner "Nerd".  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a PHP code genius, a database guru, or a network phenomenon; but I do know enough about all of these topics along with many, many more.  More importantly I know how technology might relate to your businesses health and capabilities.  If something detailed needs to be done I can call in the specialist and talk their language so that you get the best care you need.


Here are some of the services that offers which you might be interested in...
  • Converting your existing site to one that is easier and less expensive to maintain.
  • Handling the technical details of running your domain and web site.
  • Integrating your email marketing with your web site.
  • Preparing videos and making them accessible from your site.
  • Integrating your computers, phone, email, data files,  and contacts so that they are automatic synchronized and accessible everywhere.
  • Identify important keywords for Search Engine Optimization marketing activities.
  • ... many, many more



So, when you are thinking about your businesses technology care - computer systems, web sites, system integration -- think General Practitioner "Nerd" and consider for your care.


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