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The Visual Form Builder is just like the name implies; it is a form builder that is much more visual than any of the other form builders that I’ve tried.  It also has a great set of features and seems to work quite well.  It seems to be the visual brother of cForms II.  While cForms II definitely leans toward parametric design, Visual Form Builder leans toward the visual design aspect.  There aren’t as many features for a form in Visual Form Builder, but it is still a very capable forms plugin.  In many ways it is much easier to use than any of the other plugins and would work great for many of the blog sites.

imageThe biggest drawback that I see to Visual Form Builder is the lack of setting a field value default. Here is what the field properties dialog looks like.  Notice that there are options for things like setting the field to required and setting its’ CSS Class to control the display.  But what is lacking is a parameter to set the default value for the field, and further, to be able to use a variable such as {CurUserEmail} in the field.  I’m not sure why that capability was left off, but if it was added in then this plugin would surely be in the running for the top spot.

Visual Form Builder gets my second place nod, but only because I tend to like the control over so many aspects that cForms II provides, but I think I would be just as happy with Visual Form Builder for 90% of the uses.

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