There is a step during the installation where you have to extract the Income Infuser ver x.x file on your server. There are a couple of things to note here:

  1. The Income Infuser zip file should be placed into the root folder of the domain you are installing it on.  For example, if your domain is then you should place the install zip file into the directory that is pointed to by
  2. When the extraction runs it will automatically create a folder called "go" and place all the files into that folder – with the exception noted below.
  3. It is very important that you make of copy of the current index.php before running the Income Infuser zip extraction.The extraction will write a file called "index.php" to the root folder (the same folder where the install zip file is located.  And it will overwrite any existing index.php file that you have there.  What this means is that if you have a previously existing site (e.g. a blog), the index.php file will be lost and you the default page that comes up when you enter just your domain name (e.g. will change. 

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