Here’s a situation for you… let’s say that a visitor has a Gravatar profile set up to display a picture whenever they author or comment on a WordPress site.  That generally works quite well and makes your site more personable.  But what if either you, as the site owner, or the visitor, want to have a different picture displayed for a specific site?  What do you do then?  Your could set up a separate email address and register that with, but often times that is an administrative headache.

A nice solution for local avatars

There is a nice little WordPress plugin solution for this in Jake Goldman’s Simple Local Avatars. This plugin allows users to upload an avatar to your site via their profile page on your site.  What happens is that when posts and comments are displayed on a site, Simple Local Avatars looks for a local site avatar that has been uploaded and attached to that user’s profile.  If no local avatar is found then it defaults to looking to or several other avatar service providers.

imageThis is a very simple solution for giving visitors or users a site-specific avatar, or displaying a global avatar.

Once the plugin is installed there will be a new section called Avatar on the users edit profile page.  From there, a site-specific avatar can be uploaded.  If no local avatar is uploaded then the default avatar (Gravatar or other) will be displayed.

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