Duplication of effort is, well, duplication.  And when it comes to effort, who needs that?  Well that’s what many of us who have both a WordPress blog and a FaceBook Page are faced with…. Whenever we make a post on our blog we have to make a similar entry on our FB Page Wall.  Makes you want to have your blog posts automatically show up on your FB page, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s what this post is all about… one of the ways to have WordPress posts atomatically post to your FaceBook page (the wall or a tab app.)

Why would you want to do this?  Hmmmm, gee…. how about making it much easier to keep you WP and FB sites updated with more info?  How about driving your FB likes to your blog site (that is what you want to do, btw)?  How about putting a newsletter signup form on a FB Tab (how cool is that!)

The tools that we are going to be using for this are from an app developer called PagePress.  They actually have three (kinda) components to this.  There are two WordPress plugins that are used. The first plugin is called "PagePress” which allows you to sync WordPress blog posts from WordPress to a FaceBook Wall or Tab.  The second plugin is called “PageTab” and provides the functionality to link a WordPress page or post to a specific FaceBook Tab App.

The third component is actually a web service that is provided by PagePress themselves.  It provides the interface between the WordPress plugins and the target FaceBook Pages.  The PagePress Web service also provides an editor that lets you create FaceBook Tabs in case you don’t want to use WordPress to create the Tabs.


Stay tuned for more info…

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