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If you've ever been dieing to backup your WordPress blog.... WAIT!!  I guess nobody ever puts that on the top of their wants list, so let me start over.

If you've ever felt the need to backup your WordPress blog, I've got a great service for you.  It's called MyRepono and it offers a super  way to take care of your backups.  It's very unobtrusive, simple to use, and automatic.  It also backs up both your WordPress database and your WordPress site files such as pictures and themes.

To test MyRepono out I took one of my client sites and ran an initial backup.  I wanted to see how long it would take, what the process was, what a restore would look like, and how much it would cost.

The WordPress site I chose to backup was over 2.5GB in size.  Initially MyRepono choked on this and gave me errors saying that the backup failed.  Looking into the error message a little bit I was given the solution.  The initial configuration of MyRepono uses HTTP file transfers to pull down all the site files.  But if those files are too big then HTTP file transfer won't work.  The suggestion (made right in the error message) was to configure MyRepono for FTP file transfer.  It was a very simple task and once I did it MyRepono finished the backup without a hitch.

As I mentioned, the site I backed up was over 2.5GB in size.  By the time MyRepono was finished with the compression and transfer the size was 0.97GB.  Not too shabby 😉  The initial cost for performing this backup is the data transfer charge. (MyRepono has two cost components: the data transfer charge and a daily storage charge.)  I was charged $0.19 for this backup.  Yep, that's right, 19 cents.  I'm smiling :)

But then I thought I better wait a day and find out what my daily storage charge would be.  Checking this morning I find that I was charged another $0.02 (yep, 2 cents) to store my data.  I think I'm smiling more!

So... need to figure out what the total monthly cost would be for this WordPress site based on the current size.  Here's how I calculated it:  I'm going to do daily backups for the month, and I'm going to keep the last seven backups stored on the service.  This means that I will have 30 data transfer charges at $0.19, and 30 x 7 data storage charges at $0.02 per day.

30 x $.19 = $5.70 (monthly data transfer charge)

30 x 7 x $.02 = $4.20 (monthly data storage charge)

$9.90 (total MyRepono monthly charge for this one WordPress site)

Hmmm... I guess that does add up.  But I also have a little control over the costs too.  I could decide to do less frequent backups (say a couple of times a week) and I could decide to keep fewer backup copies on the service (not sure how much good it does to keep a backup that is 7 copies old.)  I could also change my backup strategy.  I could do a daily backup of the site and also have a separate weekly backup of the site.  That would mean I should only be one day behind on any restore, and if that restore should fail, then I have a fallback option that is one week old at the max.  Possibilities...

myRepono - Website & mySQL Database Backup Service

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