Creating a sign-up form for the MailChimp email service is pretty easy with the MailChimp List plugin, unfortunately there are also several limitations that you either have to live with or find a way to work around (and I haven’t found a workaround yet.) 


imageAfter installing the MailChimp List Subscribe Form you will have to configure it.  The first thing you will need to have is the MailChimp API key (which you get from your MailChimp > Account > API Keys.)   After entering in a valid API key you will need to select the list that you want to have associated with the form.  After selecting the list you will then be presented with a number of options for configuring the display of the form (see right for some of the options.)

One of the configuration options that is better using this WordPress plugin rather than the forms generated on the MailChimp site is that you have control over hiding or displaying the optional fields such as address, phone, or your list groups.  Note that you must define these fields on the MailChimp side, but you can control if those fields are displayed on your site.

I mentioned earlier that there are several limitations that come with the MailChimp List plugin, and because of these limitations I don’t really use this plugin that much on my sites. 

imageOne big shortcoming that I see with MailChimp List is that you can only have one site-wide form defined.  If you have different locations for your form, say a very simple one that needs to be on a sidebar and a detailed  one that needs to be on a membership page, you can’t do it.  It is the same form no matter where you go on the site. 

To put MailChimp list “groups” on your form you simply need to make sure the “Show?” box is checked for the particular interest group that you want displayed.  In the example to the right I have selected to show “eMail Subscriptions”, which has two options for display.  However, notice that there are no configuration options available for the check boxes; there really should be an ability to turn on or off the checkboxes next to the options to allow a default setting.  As it is, the options will always be checked off by default.

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