Remote support allows me to control your computer remotely. Using remote support is so much simpler and better than trying to explain things in a phone call. You can show me exactly what it is that you are experiencing…read more

It’s a very familiar situation – you have a web site and you know what you would like done. Or maybe your computer is having a problem.  Or might it be that you want to set up a mailing list to all of your customers.   It seems like a  simple thing that you want but you can’t find anyone that is willing to do “the simple thing.”  Or maybe you have someone that is a great site designer, but doesn’t know anything about defining an autoresponder.  Frustration sets in. The story really isn’t that much different from a healthcare analogy.  There are healthcare…

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Ever wonder how the different events in your life have directed you to where you are now? I’ve wondered the same about my life — how did a farm boy from southern Minnesota become deeply involved in Internet Marketing and…read more